Corporate Involvement

ForestSpecies extinction, forest destruction and climate change are some of the greatest challenges facing our generation. At the Rainforest Alliance, we are committed to developing and promoting lasting solutions. We work with people whose livelihoods depend on the land, helping them transform the way they grow food, harvest wood and host travelers. Our aim is to help farmers, foresters and tourism businesses bring these responsibly produced goods and services to the marketplace where the demand for sustainability is growing steadily.

Corporations can be key allies in advancing our cause, bringing resources to bear on issues of paramount importance. The benefits are mutual. Corporations that work with the Rainforest Alliance demonstrate to their clients, colleagues and employees a commitment to the environment, to sustainable farming, forestry and tourism, and to protecting the world's great wealth of natural resources.

Corporate Grant Giving

ButterflyThe Rainforest Alliance welcomes the support of corporations and corporate foundations in the form of grants and in-kind gifts. We also collaborate with food, forest product and tourism companies to provide training and technical assistance to producers and communities. Since integrity is one of our greatest assets in facilitating change, we review a company’s land-use practices and commitment to sustainability prior to accepting contributions. In cases where the histories or practices of companies raise questions about their commitment to positive environmental or social change, the Rainforest Alliance may decline donations.

For additional information on becoming involved with the Rainforest Alliance, please contact the development team at:

Sponsorship and Cause Marketing

Your sponsorship of the Rainforest Alliance can be tailored to reflect your interests and desired support level, from underwriting program development to sponsoring individual events. We also offer opportunities for cause marketing relationships. If you are interested in pursuing such a relationship with the Rainforest Alliance, please take a moment to review our guidelines and fill out our online cause marketing application.

Workplace Giving through Earth Share

The Rainforest Alliance is a member of Earth Share, a network of America's leading nonprofit environmental and conservation organizations working to safeguard public health and the environment. Earth Share member organizations strive to reduce the pollution of land, air and water to preserve natural resources, save threatened species, expand recreational opportunities and inform the public about environmental issues -- locally, nationally and globally.

Earth ShareThrough workplace giving charity drives, Earth Share allows employees to pledge a small amount of each paycheck to help solve environmental problems. Employees may elect to contribute to all member agencies through a general gift to Earth Share, or they may specify that their donations be given to one or more member groups.

If you would like to have your payroll contribution go directly to the Rainforest Alliance, please enter our code 11353 on your employer's Earth Share enrollment form. If your company does not yet host an Earth Share campaign, please let them know how important and easy it is.


ForestThe Rainforest Alliance works to certify sustainable farming and forestry, and promote responsible tourism in the world's most biodiverse regions.With nearly 20 years of experience certifying sustainable practices, the Rainforest Alliance has the expertise to help companies source a wide variety of sustainable wood products (e.g. paper, pencils and furniture) and food and beverage products (such as coffee for employee cafeterias). By sourcing certified products, companies can support wildlife and communities around the world.

Matching Gifts

Many companies will match gifts made by their employees to registered charities. Check to see if your employer has such a program and if your support of the Rainforest Alliance qualifies for eligibility. Your gift could double or triple in value with no additional cost to you!

For more information, contact the development team at the Rainforest Alliance:

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