SmartStep: A Phased Approach to FSC® Certification

To provide more opportunities and incentives for forest management operations to pursue Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certification, the Rainforest Alliance has developed an innovative service called SmartStep. With SmartStep, forest management operations can take a logical path to achieving FSC certification while gaining access to potential market benefits along the way. Rainforest Alliance auditors identify areas in which a forest management operation needs to improve social, economic and environmental performance. The company then produces an action plan with clearly defined targets. If we approve the action plan, companies can then enroll in SmartStep. The operation is then audited for up to five years on its progress toward meeting the targets and ultimately achieving FSC certification.

(Please note that the Rainforest Alliance considers legality verification as a first step towards FSC certification only. We therefore require that verified organizations undertake activities to attain full certification.)

To learn more about the Rainforest Alliance's SmartStep program -- or enroll today -- call (802) 434-5491 or email.

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