SmartLogging Certification

SmartLogging is a certification service developed by the Rainforest Alliance to specifically address the needs of one of the most important groups working in forestry -- loggers. SmartLogging certification demonstrates that a logging company is performing its work in a legal and environmentally and socially responsible manner. Logging certification is available to individuals, companies, groups (often represented by logging associations) and forest products companies.

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A SmartLogging certificate guarantees that loggers and logging companies:

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Harvest in accordance with a landowner-endorsed forest management or harvest plan;
  • Employ best practice logging techniques that conserve soil, wildlife and scenic values;
  • Adopt effective procedures for tracking wood from forests to processing centers;
  • Conduct operations in accordance with a sound business plan;
  • Ensure that worker health and safety policies and practices are followed;
  • Work with communities and neighbors to ensure the protection of public safety, aesthetics and community values and resources; and
  • Strive to continually improve harvesting practices.

Why SmartLogging Certification?

Logging can be the most important and challenging management activity in a commercial forest -- one that balances environmental protection with technically demanding and physically challenging work. Avoiding negative impacts to the environment and ensuring the health and safety of forest workers -- while still operating efficiently -- requires careful planning and training. Loggers who go that extra mile are entitled to reap the benefits. And that's exactly why we developed SmartLogging certification: To ensure that responsible loggers receive the recognition they are due. For more information on why you should choose SmartLogging certification, please download Why SmartLogging? - A Program Rationale (Also available in Spanish).

SmartLogging Certification Can Help You...

  • Promote a responsible and credible public image: SmartLogging certification provides you with independent, third-party documentation, demonstrating that you are a responsible logging company.
  • Inspire client confidence: SmartLogging certification demonstrates to forest owners and certified forest operations that you have a documented commitment to responsible principles.
  • Instill staff pride: Enable your employees to benefit from good health and safety management and enjoy affiliation with a socially and environmentally responsible company.

For more information, please download our SmartLogging Program Description.

View our list of certified SmartLoggers.

The Rainforest Alliance awards SmartLogging certification based on audit results and issues certificates for five-year periods. The first audit, called the assessment, is the most rigorous and determines the initial decision to certify. The assessment is followed by four annual audits. The entire process is efficient, thorough and transparent.

The assessment for SmartLogging certification includes the following steps:

  1. The candidate operation completes an application.
  2. The Rainforest Alliance creates a budget (the application is not binding until the budget is approved by the candidate operation), and a service agreement is signed by the candidate operation and the Rainforest Alliance.
  3. The Rainforest Alliance, with input from the candidate operation, selects a qualified Lead Auditor and other team members (where appropriate) to participate in the assessment. The Lead Auditor is chosen based on their experience and knowledge of logging operations, master logger programs, BMPs, forest management and SmartLogging standards and auditing experience. The auditor must also be free of conflicts of interest with the certification candidate. The audit team conducts fieldwork to assess the candidate operation's performance, using the SmartLogging standard as the "measuring stick". Our team designs and implements a stakeholder consultation process that seeks outside input from interested and/or affected stakeholders related to the candidate operation's performance.
  4. After stakeholder consultation and field work, the Rainforest Alliance' produces an assessment report.
  5. The assessment report is reviewed by the candidate company.
  6. Based on the fieldwork and stakeholder consultation a certification decision is made.
  7. Annual audits are conducted starting approximately one year after the original certificate is issued. Audits ensure that the certified operation continues to comply with the Rainforest Alliance SmartLogging standards and that any weaknesses identified in the original assessment or previous audits have been addressed.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

SmartLogging Generic Certification Performance Standard
[English | Spanish]
This standard presents the basic requirements to be implemented by entities who wish to be evaluated to Rainforest Alliance's SmartLogging certification. The purpose of the program is performance-based, third party logger certification. The end goal will be to insure a more sustainable supply of environmentally harvested forest products from the world's working forests. The SmartLogging program is, with multi-stakeholder consultation, developing best practice logging standards and assessment procedures.
SmartLogging Group Certification Standards
[English | Spanish]
This standard presents the basic requirements to be implemented by entities who wish to apply for SmartLogging Group Certification. The standard applies to an entity representing multiple harvesters (logging companies), known as the Group Manager, for inclusion under a single certificate.

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