Raising Awareness... Among Employees

Whether you are a company of ten or ten thousand, human capital is likely one of your greatest assets. By educating employees about your sustainability efforts, you can help to foster their commitment to the cause and enable them to share this message with your extended community of clients and stakeholders. Here are some ways to raise awareness among your employees:

  • Designate an in-house sustainability marketing expert who will be responsible for understanding the benefits (and challenges) of becoming a more sustainable business. This person can serve as the liaison with the Rainforest Alliance and help facilitate your marketing plan.
  • Educate your sales force. Use compelling training materials that inspire your salespeople and help them to effectively present your Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and Rainforest Alliance Verified™ services or products to your clients.
  • Contact us to schedule a virtual or in-person training (depending on location and availability) for your brand management team, creative agency or sales staff, including front-end servers and baristas.
  • Talk about our work together in company newsletters or meeting presentations.
  • Encourage employees to sign-up for The Canopy -- our monthly e-newsletter (use the subscribe box at the top of this page) -- or connect with the Rainforest Alliance on Facebook and Twitter -- a quick and easy resource for news and information about our work.

Need more specifics or help crafting a tailored message? Email Brittany Wienke at bwienke@ra.org.

Learn more about how to raise awareness among consumers, the media and your online community.

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