Examples of the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Seal in Marketing Videos

See how other businesses have leveraged the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal:

Costa Express Screensaver

Costa Express

Costa Express has over 6,000 self-serve coffee bars throughout the UK, and is proudly serving 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee, and displaying this video, in all of them.

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Wawa proudly serves Rainforest Alliance Certified espresso


US convenience store Wawa celebrates their offering of 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified espresso and their commitment to quality, the environment, social responsibility and more.

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Bradford Soap

Bradford Soap proves that practices that are good for business can also be good for the planet, by sourcing palm oil from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

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Daabon farms were the first organic palm oil farms to also earn Rainforest Alliance certification for their sustainable practices.

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Australian retail giant, Woolworths, created this video highlighting our work together, and the impacts a cup of Rainforest Alliance Certified tea can have.

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Dagoba Chocolate, the Rainforest Alliance and the extraordinary impact of sustainable cacao on San Juan de Cheni, Peru, an area that fought back against terrorists to protect their land, their community and their cocoa heritage.

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Nespresso created a fun animation to mark the Rainforest Alliance 30th anniversary and 14 years of working together on sustainable coffee.

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TV Commercial: Kroger's “Garland of Roses”


The story of the “Garland of Roses” awarded to the winner of the famed Kentucky Derby horse race, made by Kroger with Rainforest Alliance certified blooms.

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TV Commercial: Innocent Film About Sustainable Bananas

Innocent Drinks

Innocent has been using Rainforest Alliance certified bananas in their smoothies for over 10 years. We're happy to share a little film they made to explain why.

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TV Commercial: Patagonia's New Natural Rubber Wetsuits

Patagonia’s Natural Rubber Wetsuits (Yulex®)

Neoprene is a nonrenewable material with an energy-intensive manufacturing process. By replacing it with Yulex® natural rubber from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council® certified by the Rainforest Alliance, Patagonia is causing less harm to the planet and the ocean.

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TV Commercial: McDonald’s - Advancing Global Coffee Sustainability

McDonald’s: Advancing Global Coffee Sustainability

McDonald’s pop up McCafe in New York City surprises customers with sustainable coffee in the middle of Columbus Circle.

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TV Commercial: Martin Guitar

Martin Guitar

Ever wonder where the wood for musical instruments comes from? We're proud to share this video made by C.F. Martin & Co. (aka Martin Guitar) that explains how the company works with the Rainforest Alliance to source sustainable wood.

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TV Commercial: P&G/Charmin

P&G/Charmin: Achieving Environmental Sustainability in Paper Making

Procter & Gamble works with Rainforest Alliance to help ensure responsible forest management and sustainable practices in the creation of paper products.

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TV Commercial: Giant and Stop & Shop: Showcasing Sustainably Sourced Coffee & Tea

Giant and Stop & Shop: Showcasing Sustainably Sourced Coffee & Tea

Retail grocery store chains Giant and Stop & Shop have committed to Rainforest Alliance certified coffee, tea and more.

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TV Commercial: Timothy's Coffee

Timothy's World Coffee

The Rainforest Alliance's Alex Morgan explains what Rainforest Alliance Certified means.

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TV Commercial: Timothy's Coffee

Timothy's World Coffee Visits a Rainforest Alliance Certified Farm

A coffee producer talks to Timothy's World Coffee about the benefits of certification for his farm.

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TV Commercial: Taylor’s of Harrogate

Taylor’s of Harrogate

Taylor’s of Harrogate—the makers of Yorkshire Tea—believes that some of the world’s best, brightest tea comes from Rwanda.

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TV Commercial: McDonald's Coffee in the UK

McDonald’s Coffee in the UK

“…100 percent Arabica beans, specially selected for us from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. And the other good news is, it won’t cost the Earth…”

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TV Commercial: Lipton Tea in Australia

Lipton Tea in Australia

“Make a better choice with Lipton. The world’s first Rainforest Alliance Certified tea.”

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TV Commercial: Mars Galaxy Chocolate Bars in the UK

Mars Galaxy Chocolate Bars in the UK

“Galaxy has joined forces with the Rainforest Alliance to help support cocoa growing communities in Africa. So not only does Galaxy taste good, it does good.”

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TV Commercial: Lyons Tea in Ireland

Lyons Tea in Ireland

“Lyons Tea is on a journey and acting as our guide, independent experts on sustainability, the Rainforest Alliance… Make tea make a difference.”

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TV Commercial: PG Tips in the UK

PG Tips in the UK

“PG Tips have teamed up with the Rainforest Alliance… Do your bit. Put the kettle on.”

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TV Commercial: McDonald's Coffee in Australia

McDonald’s Coffee in Australia

“Made with Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans… Helping to ensure a future for the rainforest, for coffee farmers and for their children…”

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Jacques Vabre

Jacques Vabre Coffee

"Jacques Vabre Pérou porte le label de la grenouille Rainforest Alliance."

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TV Commercial: Magnum Chocolate UK

Magnum Ice Cream in the UK

“We’ve found some of the finest cocoa beans so you don’t have to…new Magnum Ecuador -- for pleasure seekers.”

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TV Commercial: Lipton Tea Canada

Lipton Tea in Canada

“We hand select the best leaves, steam or pan fire them to bring out the best taste and aroma in a way that’s certified to respect the environment and local growers.”

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TV Commercial: Nabob Coffee in Canada

Nabob Coffee in Canada

“Only these [coffee beans] are Rainforest Alliance Certified, helping the environment, farmers and their communities.”

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