Sustainable Supply Chain and Sourcing Assistance

A sustainable supply chain is the foundation of a successful business. To help ensure that your products come from sustainably managed sources, our expert team can assist you in developing sourcing and corporate sustainability policies, and assess and verify your supply chain so you can make credible, fact-based sustainable sourcing decisions.

Sustainable sourcing policies:

  • Identify and reduce risks in supply chains;
  • Establish direct relationships with suppliers;
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability to your employees, investors and stakeholders;
  • Attract and retain new markets and customers; and
  • Protect and enhance your brand reputation

The Rainforest Alliance deploys a range of tools to help businesses on their sustainability journey, including training and technical assistance, and certification and assurance, as well as connecting consumers to certified, sustainably-produced goods and services through our Find Certified Products database.

Sourcing wood, paper and other forest products

Wood, paper and other forest products

Make sure your products come from legal and sustainable sources.

Source food, beverages and other farm products - Photo by J Henry Fair

Food, beverages and other farm products

Source Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farm products.

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