Legal Sourcing

Illegal logging harms not just the environment and local communities but also the companies that are already operating responsibly within the boundaries of existing laws and regulations. Governments worldwide are strengthening the legal frameworks that regulate the trade of wood and wood products to combat illegal logging,

SmartSource Legality Assessment & Monitoring

Whether your company imports to countries that already have legislation in place or want to get ahead of the curve, SmartSource provides Legality Assessment and Monitoring to help you establish a legal and traceable supply chain. Our program meets legislative requirements under European Union Due Diligence and provides a framework for demonstrating Due Care for the United States Lacey Act.

By participating in the program, Companies have access to:

  • Examples of Purchasing Policies to be used by your company to develop your own policy outlining to your suppliers objectives and implementation deadlines
  • A supplier questionnaire, that your company sends to suppliers to obtain forest source information
  • With data from suppliers, a risk assessment report with a proposed action plan is developed by SmartSource Staff
  • For any high risk sources, connection with legal verification or certification services as a follow-up step is arranged as needed.
  • Third-party monitoring of due diligence system.

If your company wants to meet legal requirements and establish a truly sustainable supply chain the SmartSource Sustainable Sourcing Program is also an option.

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