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Field Coordinator in Bantaeng Regency, South Sulawesi

About the Rainforest Alliance:

We are building an alliance to create a better future for people and nature by making responsible business the new normal.

The Rainforest Alliance works at the intersection of business, agriculture and forests. By bringing diverse allies together we are making deep-rooted change on some of our most pressing social and environmental issues. Together, we amplify the voices of farmers and forest communities, improve livelihoods, protect biodiversity, and help people mitigate and adapt to climate change in bold and effective ways.

Our alliance needs you, whoever you are and wherever you stand. By joining forces with producers, businesses and consumers, we can transform our relationship with the land and forests we rely on. We can make that relationship work better for all.

PT Rainforest Alliance is a registered organization in Indonesia, with its main office in Bali and a project office in Makassar, South Sulawesi and Lampung, Sumatra. It promotes and supports farmer implementation of the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) Standard for protecting wildlife, ecosystems, worker’s rights, and promoting the well-being of farmers, their families and communities. Farms that meet the SAN’s rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria are awarded Rainforest Alliance certification. In Indonesia, more than 50,000 farms are certified, producing cocoa, coffee, tea, spices and palm oil.

Since 2013, Rainforest Alliance has established a group of about 1000 cocoa farmers in Bantaeng Regency, South Sulawesi that has received training in SAN practices. From 2016 to 2018, this project continued to work closely with 500 cocoa farmers that already passed the internal audit as members of a cooperative, with funding from IFAD till December 2019, we will scale up from Poso to support cooperatives as Group Administrator (GA) and Internal Monitoring System (IMS) in support farmers or cooperatives member to having certificate and presenting more opportunity for farmers to lift up their livelihood by improving their farm performance. So, to maintain our networks, track field progress as communicate to local government and donors as well as to other relevant cocoa stakeholders then we need support for experienced people as consultant for field coordinator to manage our field activity.

Position summary:

Support RA Cocoa Project Manager and Cocoa Associate with project planning, monitoring, reporting, organization and implementation of training conducted by Internal Monitoring System (IMS), supervision Internal Monitoring System (IMS), data management using Information and Technology (IT) based monitoring principle, conduct field assessment and communication with stakeholders in Bantaeng.


From the objectives of this terms of reference, the following tasks should be addressed:



Data to be collected

Internal Monitoring System (IMS) Development

Board of cooperatives; Internal Monitoring System (IMS); Cocoa Associate; Cocoa Project Manager

  • Collaborate with the Associate Cocoa and Cocoa Project Manager of RA in the design and implementation of an Internal Monitoring System (IMS)/Internal Control System (ICS) planning specifically in corrective action plan and plan in having RA certificate based on Information and Technology (IT) based.
  • Facilitate Internal Monitoring System (IMS) in conducting field assessment using Information and Technology to get quick overview of farm refer to diagnostic and clear workplan for corrective action and services to members.
  • Collaborate with the Cocoa Manager and Associate Cocoa in preparing the implementation of an Internal Audit System; focused on corrective action from assessment.
  • Support IMS in conducting training to farmers and in data collection.
  • Facilitate Group Administrator (GA) and Internal Monitoring System (IMS) with external audit if it’s possible.
  • Support in making evaluation performance for Internal Monitoring System (IMS).
  • Support Internal Monitoring System (IMS) in documenting all their planning, implementation and field observation as reference for continues improvement.

Support cooperative Business

Manager of cooperatives and other unit manager (Internal Monitoring System (IMS), purchasing agro input or marketing) and consultant cooperative in Bantaeng

  • Support cooperative manager to define key business concept – What products and services might the co-op supply that could make a significant economic difference in the lives of its members?
  • Support the cooperative manager to create a project development plan and budget.
  • Support RA Cocoa Project Manager in setting up meetings or events related to markets and setting up long term partnerships with cocoa buyer.
  • In coordination with RA Cocoa Manager and Associate Cocoa maintain communication, disseminate information and socialize RA Certification activity to the farmers and Government of Indonesia (GOI).
  • Support cooperatives in having RA certificate, as well as other cooperatives business i.e. join marketing, nursery, agro input, etc.
  • Support cooperatives in managing their business (recoding, reporting and monitoring).
  • Support in developing garden learning and marketing the result through Farmer Field Day (FFD).

Reporting and Field data tracking

Cocoa Associate and M&E

  • In coordination with Cocoa Project Manager and Cocoa Associate or global team to synchronize and validate the project database of farmers and facilitate in field survey.
  • Support team in conducting follow up survey or other relevant survey.
  • Communicate with RA Cocoa Manager on a regular basis and prepare periodic reports or information as required.

The consultant will work closely with RA Cocoa Associate and Cooperative Manager and another unit manager. The consultant will stay in project site while travelling to meet the farmers in Bantaeng. Local transport will be covered based on actual. If the consultant is from around South Sulawesi, there will 2 (two) airfare tickets/bus fare covered; at early term (Home-Makassar/other places -Bantaeng) and at the end of term (Bantaeng-Makassar/other places-Home), and in general the consultancy’s timeline will be as follows:

  1. Field data tracking and data management and field assessment using Information and Technology (IT) and make sure all corrective action in Internal Monitoring System (IMS) will be delivered from July-August 2019.
  2. Create a clear plan: Training for Internal Monitoring System (IMS), cooperative business plan, certification, local stakeholder’s engagement and other field activities (August-Dec 2019).
  3. Support in field monitoring: field observation and facilitate a relevant survey conducted by RA staff and others RA consultant (Nov-Dec 2019).
  4. Support field Program Implementation and local stakeholder Engagement (July-December 2019).
  5. Support and assist Farmer group (cooperative) capacity building on technical agronomy (fermented and grafting) and cooperative managerial (July-Dec).


Type of deliverable


Data management

  • Validate all data related to project activities tracking lists by indicating date, venue, number of participants and aims of activities (data validation commencing July 2019 to Dec 2019) and farm assessment as basic for external audit.
  • Ensure the work plan for each Internal Monitoring System (IMS) is developed for the corrective action and strategy for Cooperative in joining market and having RA certificate (each Internal Monitoring System (IMS) create 1 plan will be covered 100 farmers)).

Field communication

  • Engage with local trader and local government to have RA certificate and ensure the support is integrated with local government development program and specific program refer to market requirement i.e. fermented bean.
  • Support RA staff or consultant in conducting activity i.e. survey and other relevant activities.


  • Develop regular reports that record the progress achievement, risk and challenge, obligatory an evidence to claim invoice.


  • If Consultant Firm, a dedicated staff person with the following qualifications is required, if consultant is an individual, the following demonstrated skills and knowledge are required: Relevant studies in Socio-economics, or agronomic.
  • At least 3 years’ relevant experience of working in the fields of ‘new-normal’ cooperative for smallholder, technical skill in cocoa nursery and side grafting is preferred.
  • Ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines and ready to stay in project site at minimum 20 day per month.
  • Proven ability and experience to work as field coordinator (experience working in Bantaeng is preferred).
  • Proven experience of delivering training to smallholders.
  • Ability to operate Microsoft Office suite.
  • Working experience sustainability farming environment is desirable.
  • Having experience working with cooperatives is preferred.
  • Having experience working in sustainability program both UTZ or RA is preferred.
  • Understanding the cocoa market and experienced in promoting business in farmers level (community nursery, solar dryer and agro input) is preferred.
  • Knowledge of local language is an advantage.
  • Eligibility to work in Indonesia

Selection of the consultant is based on the following criteria:

  • Relevant Studies/Education: 20%
  • Relevant Technical expertise: 70%
  • Availability: 10%


Commensurate with experience.


Please send the following documentation to: and, no later than June 27, 2019. Use the following format in the subject line: “Field Coordinator in Bantaeng Regency”

Proposals should include:

  • Daily rate in IDR; include basis for costing i.e. previous rates
  • List of previous engagements that addresses the above experience desired
  • Current C.V.
  • Contact details (email and phone number) of 2 recent references