Stock Donations

Many individuals choose to make donations of stock, given the availability of income tax deductions for charitable contributions and capital gains tax savings.

As long as the securities have been held for at least one year and the alternative minimum tax is not applicable, donors will receive a deduction equal to the full market value of the securities and avoid capital gains tax usually incurred in selling appreciated securities.

To donate securities held by your broker, please instruct the custodian to do the following:

  1. Specify, in writing, the securities they wish to donate to the Rainforest Alliance. Contact Terry Quigley at JP Morgan Securities, who will instruct them to transfer the securities to the Rainforest Alliance account:

    Terry Quigley, JPMorgan Securities
    Phone: 212-272-5033
    Fax: 212-272-5042
    277 Park Ave, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10172
    For benefit of Rainforest Alliance: Account number: 225-50281 | DTC number: 0352 | Tax ID: 13377893
  1. Marrett Carey at the Rainforest Alliance with the name of the donor, the donor’s contact information, the value of the stock at the time of the transfer, the number of shares transferred, name of the stock, and expected date of transfer. We also request the custodian to send a confirmation letter or email of the transfer along with any relevant documentation to: 

    Marrett Carey, Rainforest Alliance
    Phone: 646-452-1935
    233 Broadway, 28th Floor New York, NY 10279

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