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TROPIC - Cóndor Travel Ecuador

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TROPIC's head office is located in Ecuador’s capital city of Quito, on the south side of Bicentennial Park (formerly the Mariscal Sucre Airport).


Primary Destinations:

The Galapagos islands, Andes mountains, Amazon region, Pacific coast, cloud forest, and Quito.


Making a Difference:

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Supporting Community
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We offer itineraries that include community visits to communities where participation in different activities helps to support the local economy, protect the environment, and preserve culture. We visit remote communities where traditional customs are still preserved, enriching the experience of our employees as well as our passengers.For example, in our Lodge-to-Lodge program, we include visits to artisans who use ancestral techniques while making their crafts and encourage our guests to buy their products.

We continually train our guides and staff about our sustainability philosophy, which includes topics such as waste management, integration with local communities, respect for nature, resource optimization, and emergency procedures training.

TROPIC develops projects in remote locations to promote local economies, environmental stewardship, and cultural preservation. Our 20-year old Huaorani Ecolodge project visits the Huaorani community; the lodge is supplied with solar energy, it treats water for reuse, and manages waste.We have implemented a rotational system here so that all community members have equal job opportunities.

We also work to strengthen relationships with our suppliers, which are all evaluated under a process for continuous improvement.

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