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Aventuras Tierra Verde

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Aventuras Tierra Verde is an inbound tourism company based in Costa Rica. Founded in 1995, we are known for offering a high level of service by designing quality itineraries and authentic travel experiences that promote conservation and sustainable development in Costa Rica.

We specialize in custom itineraries for groups as well as incentive travel for international groups. Our team is professional, creative and flexible, has extensive knowledge of market trends, and will provide you with innovative, personalized, top quality service at fair prices.


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Costa Rica

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In Aventuras Tierra Verde every kind of work is carried out with the greatest effort. It is of extreme importance to strive for the least negative impact to guarantee the continued existence of the economic, socio-cultural and environmental well being within the Tourism Environment.

This is reflected by complying with quality and safety parameters, both internally and as well for contracting local providers. The company is committed and works with programs against the exploitation of vulnerable groups such as the Code of Conduct Program, which seeks to avoid the sexual, commercial exploitation of children and adolescents in the country.

Another effort that is part of the company is the Education for Sustainability, which sensibilizes employees, suppliers and customers on issues linked to Sustainable Tourism, such as the rational use of water and energy, awareness of climate change, prober handling of waste management, reducing pollution, protecting the ecosystems, the conservation of the biodiversity, respecting local culture, and more.

We also work for the contribution to the local communities, we are proud to collaborate with donations and projects such as Casa de la Cultura de Mora that organizes cultural festivals, Refugio Herpetológico which is an animal rescue center, Chietón Moren supporting the fair trade purchase of handcrafted products of Costa Ricans indigenous communities, SONATI a non-profit association dedicated to provide free environmental education for children and teenagers in rural and urban educative centers, San Bosco School in collaboration with students from the Peace University giving workshops about recycling, environment, organization “Pro Parques” supporting the national parks of Costa Rica, Red Cross and local social organization supporting the social well-being.

For us it is significant to point out the commitment of each employee, provider and clients who help us to aspire these and even more efforts of the Sustainable Management of Aventuras Tierra Verde.



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