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Careli Tours Nicaragua

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Nicaragua offers a delightful cultural surprise. Leave the daily routine behind by visiting colonial cities and churches that represent the history of Nicaragua. Discover vibrant dances and cultural traditions, and a country full of friendly "Nicas".

Nicaragua is the ideal destination for the adventure traveler seeking once in a lifetime experiences. View spectacular landscapes through exciting outdoor activities. With Careli Tours, you can go on bike tours through colonial cities, take kayaks on lakes, go on excursions up to Cerro Negro Volcano and slide down on sand boards, and snorkel or surf the clear waters of the Atlantic.


Primary Destinations:

Granada, León, Ometepe Island, San Juan River, Tola and Pacific beaches, Corn Island, Matagalpa, and Estelí.

Making a Difference:

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Over the last 10 years, we created and launched our flagship Eco-School project, developed in partnership with the Plaza Colón Hotel and the Nicaraguan Foundation for Sustainable Development (FUNDENIC - SOS). Through this program, we have provided environmental education classes in two public schools in the city of Granada, reaching a total of 1,700 children; 5,000 local community members have learned about the importance of conservation and recycling. We have also supported the improvement of school infrastructure, both with our own funds and with donations given by our clients.

We have been sponsors and actively participated in clean-up campaigns on San Juan del Sur beach as in the protection of turtles in the La Flor Reserve. We prioritize visits to projects managed by local communities throughout Nicaragua.  We provide continuing support to women entrepreneurs through the Vital Voices program.

2017 was our 25th anniversary, and to celebrate, our team and local partners joined 300 children from public schools in Granada and León and gave each student one tree to plant on their school grounds. We also spent a day with the 300 children, and played outdoor games and such as rope jumping, jute racing, hopscotch, and practicing yoga.

We are committed to sharing the importance of sustainable practices with our increasingly socially and environmentally conscious customers.  Learn more:

Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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