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Geo Reisen

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Located in Quito, Ecuador, Geo Reisen is an inbound tour operator that designs trips for individual passengers, families, or groups that is best suited to their particular interests and needs.

Our knowledge of our country helps us share the best of Ecuador with you. We offer our clients the opportunity to enjoy different experiences in Ecuador, such as cultural tours, adventure tours (bird watching, hiking, trekking, climbing, rafting, diving), special events, and more.

Our main goal is to give our clients an unforgettable experience, while always maintaining high-quality standards and personal attention while traveling in Ecuador. Our staff is prepared to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Primary Destinations:
  • Andes Mountains
  • Pacific coast
  • Amazon rainforest
  • Galápagos Islands

Making a Difference:

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Supporting Community
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Geo Reisen is a dynamic company that offers traditional and innovative activities and programs that fits the needs of each of our clients under a sustainable tourism model that promotes economic, social, and environmental responsibility in ways that contribute to Ecuador's development.

Geo Reisen develops programs that contribute to the development of the areas we visit; for example, we have developed a line of community products, such as "Living the Andes Lifestyle" and "Living the Amazon Lifestyle", among others. In these programs, the communities produce and sell handicrafts or local products.

We continuously evaluate our suppliers in order to evaluate their responsible tourism practices and we implement continuous improvements in our own practices.

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