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La Selva Amazon Ecolodge & Spa

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La Selva Amazon Ecolodge & Spa lies in a rainforest paradise bordering Ecuador's Yasuni National Park, one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet.

The lodge is located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, just off the Napo River, which eventually flows eastward and joins the mighty Amazon on its way to the Atlantic Ocean. Our lodge is within the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve and next to Yasuní National Park. This region is home to literally millions of species of plants, animals, birds, and insects.

We are located about five hours from Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, via a series of flights, canoe trips, and hikes. There are no roads to get to the lodge, and the nearest city is Coca (Francisco de Orellana). From Coca, the best way to get to the lodge is by a two-hour motorized canoe ride down the Napo River. On the way, you will see your first glimpses of the Amazon rainforest and you can appreciate the houses and way of living of the local people as they go on about their daily routines by the riverside.



La Selva has nineteen spacious suites, including three scenic suites with a view of Lake Garzacocha and roomy family suites for those who have brought their children along on their jungle adventure. The Scenic and Superior Suites include exclusive rainforest showers, private balconies, and great panoramic views, while the Family Suites include extra-spacious bathrooms, hammocks, and a tub on a private porch. The design of our suites is inspired by local homes used by the natives for generations: the airy, shady layout keeps things cool even in the hottest hours of the day. In the bathrooms, amenities such as hairdryers, shampoo and conditioner, and soap are included. Hot showers, ceiling fans, and electricity are provided in each suite.

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  • La Selva  does not use air conditioners, which use a great deal of gas to power the electric generators. Instead, we use a combination of fans and airy, well-ventilated rooms to keep our guests cool.
  • Our cabins are constructed of fast-growing bamboo from a local plantation. This is a plentiful, renewable resource which also provides jobs for the local community.
  • Uneaten food and other such wastes are composted and used to fertilize our well-maintained gardens. Waste water is filtered and cleaned before being returned to the environment.
  • Whenever possible, we serve meals made from locally-grown ingredients, benefiting the communities that produce them.
  • Our lodge provides work for many members of the local community: this decreases their need to hunt, fish, and cut down trees to make a living, resulting in more wildlife and a healthier forest.
  •  Guests are asked to re-use towels and sheets so that they are not washed more than absolutely necessary.
  • Our Junior Naturalist Program for kids stresses eco-friendly activities like paddling the canoes by hand (as opposed to using a gas motor), cleaning up litter, and interacting with the local communities to make the rainforest better for everyone.
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