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“Crafting magnificent experiences in Peru, one guest at a time” has been LimaTours’ motto for the past five decades, and sharing the country’s many wonders is the passion of our entire team.

We pride ourselves on offering innovative, memorable experiences and taking care of every detail when designing and managing our clients’ trips. LimaTours’ exclusive Peru Collection includes such offerings as private jet tours, luxury Amazon cruises, 4x4 adventures, and gastronomic experiences. We also handle 90% of the cruises docking in Peruvian ports. We are designers and managers of upscale experiences.


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We operate in all of Peru’s major tourist destinations and have offices in Lima, Cusco, Arequipa and Puno.

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LimaTours created a unit to support projects in rural poor communities like Huilloc, located near the heart of Valle Sagrado. Families proud of their Inca heritage live there, maintaining their ancestral traditions and speaking Quechua as their main language. They face problems such as child malnutrition and lack of economic opportunities. LimaTours is helping to build capacity in this community by helping people value and conserve their traditions while incorporating them into sustainable community tourism products for domestic and international markets. As a result, their identity and culture is reinforced while jobs and other sources of income related to tourism are created, improving their livelihoods. The friendliness of the residents and the uniqueness of their ancestral traditions makes Huilloc an unforgettable experience.

LimaTours also manages and is a founding member of TurismoCuida (, a private non-profit organization that fosters and promotes responsible tourism as a tool for achieving sustainable development. TurismoCuida encourages joint initiatives for corporate social responsibility linked to tourism, together with other reputable companies in Peru’s tourism sector, and it finances projects that protect and promote cultural and natural heritage, and tourism-related education. We hold the TurismoCuida National Competition, which functions as a biennial program for donations to support Peruvian organizations in the development of sustainable tourism projects that contribute to the preservation and conservation of Peru’s cultural heritage. As a result of this initiative, we recently included seven tourism products that benefit local communities in four regions of the country in our itineraries. In addition, we will implement RECUSCO, the first green project that will collect 42 tons of PET bottles left by tourism on the Cusco/Valle Sagrado/Urubamba/Machu Picchu tourist circuit this year.

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