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Moconá Virgin Lodge by DON

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Located in the heart of the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve (624,910 acres / 253,000 hectares) in the Misiones province of Argentina, this is one of the last strongholds of subtropical South American jungle.

Days at DON Moconá Virgin Lodge are passed amidst trails, waterfalls, native forests, bird sounds, natural lookout points, adventure activities, ancient legends and the whisper of the Uruguay River that winds around the area and invites you to relax in an environment where pure nature reigns.

The Moconá waterfalls, whose name in the native Guarani language means “that which swallows everything”, are a unique spectacle and they have become one of the main tourist destinations in Argentina. The falls are due to the presence of a geological fault parallel to the bed of the Uruguay River, which makes the river fall onto itself, forming cascades along nearly two miles of land. The visibility of the falls depends on river conditions: with lower flow, they have greater height. On rare occasions, 65-foot waterfalls have been seen, but the average height is between 13 and 19 feet.



14 rooms, 300 square feet each, overlooking the jungle and Yabotí stream. Our comfortable rooms are designed to evoke intimacy, encourage contact with nature and ensure a perfect rest. Each room has an exclusive, 160-square foot deck from where you can enjoy the flora and fauna of the reserve and an exceptional view of the Yabotí stream. All of our rooms include heat and air conditioning, a safe, large beds and high-quality amenities.

Making a Difference:

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Our social and environmental responsibility program aims to ensure that we meet strict standards for quality, as well as environmental and socio-cultural criteria for sustainable tourism operations. When building and running DON Moconá Lodge, we carried out an environmental impact study and prepared a conservation plan as the basis of our efforts to mitigate our impacts. This led to programs to reduce energy and water consumption, manage waste, and develop a sustainable purchasing policy, staff training program, supplier evaluations and our maintenance plan, among others.

Our actions include:

  • Program to reuse towels and sheets.
  • Staff training on ecological topics and best practices.
  • Raising awareness among guests about ecological issues.
  • At least 75% of lightbulbs are energy-efficient.
  • The rooms have energy-efficient thermostats.
  • We have a preventive maintenance plan.
  • Window shades help keep the building cool.
  • Our public restrooms have water-saving toilets and faucets.
  • Use of an alternative water supply for toilets.
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning products that have refillable dispensers.
  • We have local plants in our garden.
  • Participation in local conservation projects.
  • Compliance with local regulation and laws applicable to protected areas and cultural heritage.
Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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