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El Pueblito Iguazú Hotel Temático

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El Pueblito Iguazú hotel is located in one of the last reserves of Paraná forest. It is surrounded by wildlife and vegetation and its design, by architect Alejandro Bustillo, recreates the cultural landmarks of Puerto Iguazú such as the chapel, Iguazú National Park, the school, the customs office, and police station. Local craftsmen and artists have created this unique theme hotel. If you love nature, peace, and authenticity, this is your place!



Our 32, spacious and comfortable rooms have been built in a colonial style and designed to offer our guests a place for rest and relaxation. All rooms have balconies that view the hotel's gardens and allow to enjoy the vegetation and the sound of birds.

The thematic decoration of the paintings and the sculptures that adorn the rooms are the inspiration of local painters, sculptors and artisans. These represent the Guaraní Culture, highlighting the light and color of the native flora and fauna.

Panambi Restaurant (which means butterfly in local Guaraní language) is a la carte restaurant with capacity for 60 people where guests can have different regional foods and desserts. A very relevant characteristic of El Pueblito Iguazu Panambi Restaurant is that all the ingredients used for its menu come from local producers, with simple and very tasty recipes from the colonies of missionary immigrants.

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At El Pueblito Iguazú hotel, we work hard to maintain an eco-sustainable hotel:

  • We use renewable energy--we have solar panels and a pellet-fueled boiler with minimal environmental impact.
  • We have a sustainable procurement policy: we acquire biodegradable and/or environmentally-friendly products and have partnerships with suppliers that share our visions and policies.
  • We manage our wastes responsibly and strive to reduce them every day.
  • We use water and energy efficiently and invite our guests to do the same.
  • We have a strong commitment to local development and the conservation of local historical and cultural heritage.
  • We promote the prevention and eradication of social prejudice and the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
  • We respect and protect human and labor rights.
  • We encourage the conservation and preservation of the indigenous communities in the city of Puerto Iguazú and include them in our business operations.
  • We provide and encourage codes of conduct to those who visit indigenous communities and natural and cultural heritage sites.
  • Customer satisfaction is paramount and we aim to exceed their expectations while promoting continuous improvement in our sustainable practices.
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