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With offices in Uruguay, Perú, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina and Colombia, we have been creating unique travel experiences throughout South America for over 45 years. We offer an authentic insight into the South American culture and at the same time try to give a better understanding of local traditions and manners. By offering train journeys, trekking tours, and social programs, we would like to create a stronger awareness for the environment and for acting sustainably. We aim to create journeys that seek not only to enrich the lives of any traveler to Uruguay and South America, but also those of the local communities and our team.

Uruguay is a country that is mainly dedicated to agriculture and livestock production. Nevertheless, Uruguay has become a leader in the fight against a warming planet without sacrificing its status as one of the world's foremost beef exporters. SAT Uruguay invites travelers to visit the natural and cultural highlights of the destination and at the same time aims to educate about the sustainable efforts happening in the country.


Primary Destinations:


Destinations in South America: Uruguay, Perú, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia

Destinations in Uruguay: Montevideo, Colonia del Sacramento, Atlantic Coast with Punta del Este, La Pedrera and Cabo Polonio, Rocha, Rio de la Plata, Fortresses of Rio Uruguay 

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We recognize our responsibility in contributing to a change towards sustainable and fair tourism. The planet we live in is full of natural and cultural treasures and as a DMC we invite people to explore these treasures. It is our responsibility to act sustainably in every way in order to ensure the protection of the local nature and culture, to support the economy of local communities, to create a fair and enjoyable working climate for our team and of course to provide an impeccable and safe travel experience to our clients. We conduct our business fairly and ethically. Our efforts also include the education of our team and our clients, to create awareness and to offer capabilities to improve travel and daily life habits. Part of our main principles is communicating these quality standards, being transparent and giving our clients an honest insight into our working environment.

In Uruguay, we actively support sustainable efforts in the country by offering tours with purpose. We are also constantly sharing procedures for good environmental practices with our providers and coworkers, e.g. regarding responsible energy and water management, reduction of plastic waste, etc. We provide the team, guides and suppliers with canvas bags for grocery shopping or errands, to prevent them from using plastic bags. In addition, we are strictly controlling our waste balance and waste disposal during tours and transfers.

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