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Tacuapi Lodge

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We are located high in the mountains of Argentina’s Misiones province, within the Green Corridor, next door to Parque Provincial Salto Encantado and the Cuñapirú Reserve. We are just two hours from Iguazú Falls and one hour from Moconá and the Jesuit Missions.



We have seven cottages scattered throughout the forest, located ~165 feet (50 meters) apart from each other. Each cottage is at treetop height, overlooking the Cuñapirú valley, and is fully equipped with a private deck and balcony. The single cottages host up to four people, and the duplex cottages can accommodate six people.

Making a Difference:

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  • To reduce our environmental impact, we only accommodate a small number of guests.
  • We encourage sustainable natural resource use (water, energy, environment) and endangered species protection.
  • We have a native plant recovery program.
  • To produce our own fuel source, we planted fast-growing eucalyptus trees.
  • Only four of the 124 acres (50 hectares) of our property have buildings on them.
  • Our cottages are built and decorated with natural materials and are painted in colors that resemble the surrounding environment, in order to avoid negative contrasts.
  • We have minimized our use of detergents and encourage our guests to reuse towels, to reduce the ecological impact of water use, soap, and ironing.
  • We promote social, economic, and cultural interactions with the local people. For example, locals now utilize their chacras (small farms) as tourist attractions and sell products, fruits, and vegetables, and proudly share their property, customs, foods, and music while enhancing and improving quality of life for their families.
Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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