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Nicaragua is a breathtaking surprise in the heart of Central America. Best known as the land of lakes and volcanoes, this small country is waiting to be explored through its volcanic islands, picturesque colonial towns, untouched forests and paradise beaches. All culture and history is shared with a taste of ‘pinolillo’ and good conversation with welcoming locals.

It's a destination for adventure, nature, and culture lovers, where lifetime experiences are an added value to the trip. Let us show you another side of the country with community-based tours, cooking workshops, sea turtle nesting and birdwatching tours, and adrenaline rushing activities like volcano boarding.


Primary Destinations:

Granada, León, San Juan del Sur, Ometepe Island, San Juan River, Tola and Pacific beaches, Corn Island, Matagalpa, and Estelí.

Making a Difference:

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By booking with Vapues Tours, you are supporting rural community tourism projects, environmental initiatives such as reforestation programs, and the promotion of responsible tourism throughout the country.

We are committed to sustainability both inside and outside the company:

  • We implement practices for water and energy conservation to mitigate the negative impacts generated during visits to communities and local projects.
  • Each service provider is studied in detail to identify their sustainable initiatives and products offered. Our staff and suppliers receive awareness-raising workshops.
  • In each travel package, we provide clients with tips on best practices to be followed in protected areas and rural communities.
  • We work on issues of employee loyalty and well-being.
  • We develop social support activities for various communities. We take our staff to these communities and they share with families and carry out activities that benefit the communities. For example, a visit was made to the community of Charco Muerto in the department of Granada, where we repaired and painted the local school.
Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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