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The rainforest still holds many mysteries

Ready to explore?

The drowsy herbivore

Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth
(Bradypus pygmaeus)

  • Location: Isla Escudo de Veraguas (off the coast of Panama)
  • Estimated population listed as 79 in 2012
  • Discovered: 2001

Carnivorous plant discovered… on Facebook?

Magnificent Sundew
(Drosera magnifica)

  • Location: Brazil
  • Identified as a new species after an amateur researcher posted a photo on Facebook
  • Discovered: 2015

Rainbow on the forest floor

Poison Dart Frog
(Ranitomeya amazonica)

  • Location: Peru
  • Targeted by the wildlife trade because of its stunning appearance
  • Discovered: 1999

An elusive prowler

(Leopardus tigrina)

  • Location: Central and South America
  • Recently discovered to be separate from its southern counterpart, L. gutulus
  • Discovered: 2013

A cure for cancer?

rainforest alliance

About 135 rainforest plant and animal species disappear each day

67,000 acres of rainforest are lost per day because of deforestation. Will we get a chance to find out what the rainforest holds? That’s up to you.

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rainforest alliance

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