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Appalachia: Strong Forests for Stronger Communities

The forests of Appalachia extend across 61,500 square miles, from northeastern Alabama and Georgia, through eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and into central Pennsylvania. A balance of sustainable land use and protection is the key to conserving this verdant gem—one of the most biologically diverse regions in the temperate world—for years to come.

In the south and central regions, nearly 60 percent of the land is privately owned. To ensure future generations can enjoy the astounding beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, along with the songs of the many Neotropical birds that stop there along their migration, the Rainforest Alliance is working with private landowners and forest products companies to cultivate responsible forestry in Appalachia.

Burning Peruvian forest - photo by Mohsin Kazmi

Forests are falling at an alarming rate.

Each minute, 85 acres are destroyed.