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The Business Case for Responsible Corporate Adaptation

Strengthening Private Sector And Community Resilience

Every day, the reality of climate change is more present and visible. From record-setting heat waves, hurricanes and typhoons to fast-rising ocean temperature to fast-melting sea ice, the need to anticipate, prepare and adapt to climate change has never been as clear. Businesses have a key role to play in supporting social, ecological and economic resilience to climate change impacts and a responsibility to protect their value chain and serve their customers.

To date, climate action in the private sector has been largely focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions within corporate operations and associated with purchased energy, and through the development and deployment of low-carbon and resource-efficient technologies and services. While carbon management remains a crucial pillar of corporate climate action, implementing measures to anticipate for and adapt to climate impacts must also become a core component of an effective strategy for reducing and managing the risks of climate change.

Ramon nut, a sustainable superfood - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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