Sourcing Assistance

Want to ensure your products come from sustainably-managed sources? Not sure where to begin? The Rainforest Alliance makes it easy. We can help detangle your supply chain so you can make responsible purchasing decisions. Responsible sourcing can help you:

  • Attract new customers.
  • Establish direct relations with your suppliers, which will help you keep tabs on quality and supply.
  • Protect your reputation with the consumer.
  • Demonstrate to your employees, investors and stakeholders that you take sustainability and transparency seriously.

See also our listing of retailers that carry sustainably-produced goods and services.

Sourcing wood, paper and other forest products

Wood, paper and other forest products

Make sure your products come from legal and sustainable sources.

Source food, beverages and other farm products - Photo by J Henry Fair

Food, beverages and other farm products

Source Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farm products.

Source hotels, tour operators and other travel businesses

Hotels and other travel businesses

Make sure your suppliers are meeting high standards for sustainability.

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