Verification of Legal Origin and Legal Compliance -- Public Summaries of Verification Reports for Verified Clients for Indonesia

Verification of Legal Origin

Name Public Summary
PT. Wijaya Sentosa Assessment Report 2013
PT. Wijaya Sentosa CVA Report 2013
PT Sumber Graha Sejahtera Assessment Report 2012
PT Sumber Graha Sejahtera Annual Audit Report 2014
PT Salaki Mandiri Sejahtera Assessment Report 2013
PT. Sinar Wijaya Plywood Industries Assessment Report 2013
PT. Wapoga Mutiara Industries Assessment Report 2013
PT Wapoga Mutiara Timber Unit II Assessment Report 2013
CV. Kharisma Duta Utama Assessment Report 2012
CV. Kharisma Duta Utama CVA Report Jan14
CV. Kharisma Duta Utama Change of Scope Audit 2014


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