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Our Global Impact: Carbon

The Rainforest Alliance provides communities, businesses and governments with financially viable alternatives to deforestation in order to curb and mitigate the very serious effects of climate change. In addition to advancing climate-smart agriculture and sustainable forest management methods, we verify and validate carbon projects against international standards.

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under climate-smart land management


equivalent annual emissions of greenhouse gases removed or avoided by projects we verify and validate


verified and/or validated by the Rainforest Alliance to rigorous international carbon standards

We still have ground to cover before our world is truly sustainable. With your help, we can do it.

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Pedro Cruz Cortés

We’re going to give it our all, to do it for our children... so that the air will be clean.

—Pedro Cruz Cortés, member of a Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee cooperative that practices climate-smart agriculture to restore forests and generate carbon benefits for a group of indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico

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