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Broadcast your commitment to a better tomorrow

Whether you carry the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal on your product(s) or you are working with the Rainforest Alliance on your sustainability journey, the #FollowTheFrog campaign will be your chance to show your employees, consumers and citizens how your business is part of a global movement to inspire and educate others on how to work better together to rebalance our world.

Social media will play a key role in building momentum around Follow the Frog 2018, especially as it connects your commitment with people around the world who share your sustainability beliefs.

Now is the perfect time to begin planning your company’s activity for Follow the Frog – to get you a started we’ve offered sample messages for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the below tabs, along with tips. We even have sample messages in Spanish.

One final note: while the Follow the Frog campaign full activation is April 2-April 15, 2017, you can adapt the schedule to your own marketing calendar and needs. Start early, continue through the year, and connect with your followers when it is most effective.

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On Twitter...

  • Follow us! (North America @RnfrstAlliance; United Kingdom @RnfrstAll_UK; Latin America @RnfrstAll_Latin; Germany @RnfrstAll_DE; Japan @RainforestALJP; Sweden @RnfrstAll_se; France @RnfrstAll_FR)
    Retweet away during the campaign, and don't forget to @mention us so we can engage with you directly.
  • Use the #FollowTheFrog hashtag to join consumers and other businesses in the online conversation. This connects your social media activities with a wider audience that is actively engaged in the campaign and sustainability.
  • Tweet links from to let consumers know how you’re connected to subjects they care about, such as: sustainability, climate change, healthy ecosystems, biodiversity, livelihoods, ethical sourcing around crops like cocoa, bananas, and more.
  • Combine tweets, like the ones below, with links to our stories or campaign graphics.
  • Use questions to entice people to visit your website and the Rainforest Alliance’s website. For example:
    We’re committed to sustainable, @[insert Rainforest Alliance Twitter handle for your region] Certified coffee. Find out more: [insert URL]
  • Host a Twitter contest, giveaway or promotion.
  • Host a Twitter chat/party.

Sample Tweets

Feel free to personalize and share these sample messages for your Twitter audiences (adapt as needed):

NOTE: [*insert] = insert relevant Rainforest Alliance Twitter handle for your region

  • We support strong forests and thriving communities. You can too by choosing @[*insert] Certified. #FollowTheFrog
  • We’re proudly helping to rebalance the planet. Choose @[*insert] Certified. #FollowTheFrog
  • We are better together. Look for the [*insert] Certified seal when you shop. #FollowTheFrog
  • #FollowTheFrog with us and the [*insert] to help rebalance the planet.
  • We are better together. Choose better. Choose [*insert] Certified. #FollowTheFrog
  • Do you #FollowTheFrog? We do. (Your company name) sources @[*insert] Certified for our products.
  • Choose @[*insert] Certified (coffee / tea / paper / etc.) to support strong forests & thriving communities. #FollowTheFrog
  • See how the @[*insert] Certified (coffee / tea / paper / etc.) you buy makes a difference. #FollowTheFrog

On Facebook...

  • LIKE the Rainforest Alliance's Facebook page, where we'll be posting fresh Follow the Frog content for 2018—and share away!
  • Use some of our sample messages below to let your followers know about Follow the Frog— including the campaign launch and your support for the sustainability movement!
  • Post links to to share features and stories about the Rainforest Alliance which are pertinent to your company and its products or services.
  • Combine posts, like the ones below, with links to our stories.
  • Post facts about your product, its origins and why it’s more sustainable. For example:
    “Did you know our coffee is grown on Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms that protect the environment and the well-being of communities?”
  • Post images of your products with the green frog seal or photos of the people and places behind your products/services, with the #FollowTheFrog hashtag.
  • Encourage customers, fans and followers to post their photos of your products with the green frog seal to the Rainforest Alliance Facebook page, using the #FollowTheFrog hashtag and tagging the @Rainforest Alliance.
  • Post our videos to help explain the benefits of certification and verification. For example: “Our products are FSC® certified by the Rainforest Alliance, ensuring they meet the highest standard of responsible forestry. See why this matters.”
  • Boost engagement by posting imaginative questions: For example:
    “If you could visit one of our Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa farms, which country would you go to?”
  • Ask fans to ‘Follow the Frog’ by liking the Rainforest Alliance page.
  • Direct fans to visit relevant pages on our website to learn more about sustainably sourced ingredients in your products.

Sample Facebook Posts

Feel free to share these sample messages for your Facebook audiences (adapt as needed):

  • We support strong forests and thriving communities. You can too by choosing @Rainforest Alliance Certified. #FollowTheFrog
  • We’re proudly helping to rebalance the planet. Choose @Rainforest Alliance Certified. #FollowTheFrog
  • We are better together. Look for the @Rainforest Alliance Certified seal when you shop. #FollowTheFrog
  • (Your company name) and the @Rainforest Alliance are leaders in the growing movement to create a better tomorrow. Join us in cultivating a healthy planet and thriving communities. #FollowTheFrog
  • Every time you purchase @Rainforest Alliance Certified products, you’re supporting high standards of environmental, social and economic stewardship. The everyday choices you make contribute to a better world. #FollowTheFrog
  • #FollowTheFrog! Choosing @Rainforest Alliance Certified™ products is good for people and our planet.
  • Have you seen the @Rainforest Alliance green frog seal on our (coffee / tea / paper /etc.)? By responsibly sourcing ingredients, we’re doing our part to cultivate a brighter future for people and the planet. Join us in this movement for a better tomorrow. #FollowTheFrog
  • The @Rainforest Alliance green frog seal on our (coffee / tea / paper / chocolate / furniture / fruit / etc.) means that it was produced in harmony with nature. #FollowTheFrog
  • See how the @Rainforest Alliance Certified (coffee / tea / cocoa / etc.) you buy makes a difference to farming communities all over the world. #FollowTheFrog

On Instagram...

  • Follow @rainforestalliance, of course!
  • Use #FollowTheFrog and mention @rainforestalliance in all of your Rainforest Alliance-related posts so we can engage with you.
  • Post lifestyle/glamour shots featuring your products, such as a beautifully crafted cappuccino, truffles made with certified cocoa, beauty products in a spa, still-life or cooking/baking scenes with your product prominently featured.
  • Action shots are also great. Think: adventurer or athlete enjoying a sports bar made with certified cocoa at the edge of a cliff.
  • Encourage your followers to post their own images using #FollowTheFrog and mention @rainforestalliance— we will regularly select the best #FollowTheFrog images and feature them on our Instagram feed and Facebook page.
  • Feeling inspired? How about a microvideo or a GIF?

Content Resources

Be sure to sign up to receive Follow the Frog campaign updates. You can find additional evergreen content, including videos, gifs, imagery, as well as facts about our work on Rainforest Alliance social media channels and in our ‘Stories’ section. Link to the following content when educating your consumers about your work with the Rainforest Alliance.

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