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Ria Stout

Director, Program Implementation

Ria StoutBased in Guatemala, Ria focuses on the integrity and quality of our global field work in sustainable agriculture and supporting the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) / Rainforest Alliance’s agriculture certification and compliance programs. Stout joined the Rainforest Alliance in 2004. In previous years, she oversaw the set-up of our agriculture traceability, royalty and chain of custody systems and of our agriculture auditing capacity in Africa and Asia. For many years she was a member of SAN’s International Standards Committee.

Prior to working for the Rainforest Alliance, Ria was a co-founder of Fundación Utz Kapeh (now known as Utz Certified). Before moving to Guatemala in 1999, she worked at Cordaid in the Netherlands. She holds an MA in Social Anthropology and Sociology of Non-Western Societies from the University of Amsterdam and a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Academy of Journalism in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

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