Student Resource Page: Brochure Format

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Many brochures use the following format to structure their message. The illustrations show two sides of a piece of paper that is folded in thirds.

Side One

Middle Panel Back Panel Front Panel
This is the first panel readers will see after they open the brochure.

Begin giving information and continue to draw readers in.
Tell readers what actions to take.

Tell readers who to contact for more information.
Open with a catchy headline in large type to get readers' attention.

Use interest-grabbing pictures to draw in readers.

Side Two

←←←←← Inside Spread →→→→→
Focus on one idea in each paragraph or section.

Label each section with a title that helps readers get the information quickly.

Use facts and examples.

Use illustrations, photos, and charts to help make your points

Source: Adapted from "Writer's Guide: Persuasive Brochure." Elements of Language. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. (accessed October 2, 2008).

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