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Student Page: Banana Survey and Tips for Writing Effective Surveys

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1. Which fruit is your favorite? (Check one.)

____ Apple
____ Banana
____ Grapes
____ Orange
____ Strawberries
____ Watermelon
____ Other (Write the name.): __________________

2. How many bananas do you eat in a typical week? (Check one.)

____ None.
____ 1 - 3 bananas a week
____ 4 - 6 bananas a week
____ 6 or more bananas a week

3. What do you like about bananas? (Check all that apply.)

____ They are sweet.
____ They are soft.
____ They are easy to peel and eat.
____ They are good for you.
____ They are easy to pack in a lunch.
____ Nothing. I don’t like them.
____ Other (Describe): ______________________

4. How do you like to eat bananas?

(Check the box that best describes how much you like each way.)




Pretty Good








Just peel it and eat it


In smoothies


In banana bread


On pancakes


In banana splits


Other: _______


5. Where do you think bananas grow?


Tips for Writing Effective Surveys

If students will be writing their own surveys, here are suggestions for designing effective surveys:

  1. Decide what information you want the survey to provide.
  2. Keep the questions short and simple.
  3. Ask different kinds of questions: -- Closed-ended questions give answers from which the person chooses. These are easy to tally and analyze. -- Open-ended questions have no definite answers. These give people a chance to use their own words.
  4. Put the questions in logical order and number them.
  5. Write neatly or type your survey.
  6. Test out your survey on a few people. Ask them whether any questions are unclear. Read their responses. Do the questions give the information you want?

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