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Deforestation Trends in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Guatemala (2000 - 2013)

Covering close to 2.1 million hectares, Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve (MBR) is the largest protected area in Central America and home to about 180,000 people, as well as globally important biodiversity and cultural heritage. This report by the Rainforest Alliance, CONAP and the Wildlife Conservation Society analyzes deforestation trends in the MBR during 2000-2013 and finds that the deforestation rate was close to zero during this period in active FSC-certified concessions. The paper concludes that FSC-certified forest management has effectively conserved forest cover in about a quarter of the MBR, while also producing significant socioeconomic benefits for local communities--and that community concessions can conserve forest at least as well as protected areas.

by Rainforest Alliance, CONAP, Wildlife Conservation Society (2015)
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