10 Easy Ways Kids Can Help Save Rainforests

You don't have to be big to make a big impact! Here are some great ways that kids can help save rainforests.

  1. Ask your parents to buy foods—like bananas and coffee—that are grown in a sustainable way—In a way that is safe for the environment, for wildlife, and for people.
  2. Do a class project to learn more about rainforests and the plants and animals that live there. Create a skit, write a story, or decorate your classroom to look like a real rainforest. Use our coloring pages to get you started.
  3. Have a bake sale, garage sale, or school fundraiser to raise money to donate to an organization that works to conserve rainforests.
  4. Read about other children who live in and near the rainforest; see how they and their families depend on the plants and animals in the rainforest.
  5. Tell your friends and family about how important the rainforests are, or ask your teacher to teach your class more about rainforests.
  6. Use less paper—re-use paper instead of throwing it out. Cut it up to use as a notepad, or recycle the paper you use. Ask your parents and teacher about how they recycle their paper.
  7. Ask your school to buy environmentally friendly paper.
  8. Write a letter and post on social media (with an @ mention) to thank organizations and companies that are working to protect the rainforest.
  9. Look at a map of the world with your parents or teacher, and point out the places where rainforests exist.
  10. Look around your home for things you use or eat that originate in the rainforest; Think about how many things that we use every day originate in the rainforest, and how it would affect you if they were no longer around.
Guatemalan girls - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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