Forest Carbon Validation & Verification

Thank you very much for considering the Rainforest Alliance as a validation or verification body for your forest carbon project. In 2017, we made the difficult decision to discontinue this service offering. We are no longer taking on new carbon projects, and as of October 1, 2018, Rainforest Alliance has fully divested its in-house auditing program to long-time partner, Nature Economy and People Connected (NEPCon).

During the ten years that we ran our successful forest carbon service, we conducted over 60 validations and 28 verifications, covering more than 55 different carbon projects and 10.3 million acres (over 4.1 million hectares) of land in 24 countries—from Mexico, Guatemala, and Brazil to Mozambique, Kenya, and Indonesia. We are proud of our contributions to strengthening the international carbon markets, as well as the positive impacts on the forest communities involved in our projects.

To access past reports for projects validated and/or verified by Rainforest Alliance, please visit the corresponding Greenhouse Gas Standard websites.

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