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Rainforest Alliance Impacts Report 2018: Partnership, Learning, and Change

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the Rainforest Alliance certification program as evidenced by independent research, audit findings for certified farms and groups, and interviews with farmers and leading sustainability researchers.

The theme of this Impacts Report – “Partnership, Learning, and Change” – highlights the Rainforest Alliance’s collaborative approach to tackling the most critical social and environmental challenges in agriculture. With a special focus on the themes of farmer and farm-worker livelihoods, conservation of natural ecosystems, and reduction in pesticide use and risk, the report documents the progress that farmers have made toward addressing these challenges, and highlights areas of where further work is needed. The results described in the report show that sustainability certification can be an effective tool for increasing farm productivity, reducing poverty, and fostering healthier and more intact natural ecosystems on and around farms.

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Ramon nut, a sustainable superfood - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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