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Transforming Business Practices

From the field or forest through the supply chain to the end consumer, the Rainforest Alliance helps your business along its own sustainability journey.

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Is your business on a sustainability journey?

Thousands of companies are working with Rainforest Alliance—find out what some of them are saying:

Annette Weaver

"At Dagoba, we strive to ensure that the cacao we use in our products benefits not only our chocolate, but also the land and those who harvest it and working with the Rainforest Alliance helps us to achieve these goals."

- Annette Weaver, Dagoba Chocolate

Nicolas Tubbs

"The Rainforest Alliance was the obvious choice for validation and first verification of Gola REDD Project in Sierra Leone because of their outstanding track record, rigor, and long-term commitment to projects that provide direct and robust benefits to local communities and biodiversity."

- Nicolas Tubbs, Tropical Forest Conservation Manager, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Rick McLeod

"Because of Rainforest Alliance’s collaboration, P&G is able to more fully bring our forestry principles into practice. They are on-the-ground experts in forestry; who share their knowledge with us and conduct and guide our FSC® Chain-of-Custody auditing efforts."

- Rick McLeod, Vice President, Product Supply, Global Family Care Procter & Gamble

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Our little green frog is recognized by consumers around the world as the symbol of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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