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Green Your Office

A smart office is one that uses resources wisely. While many offices have implemented recycling or energy-saving programs, there is more to be done. Every ream of paper, stack of cartons, pound of coffee and bag of tea in your office started life in a forest or on a farm. You can make sure that your office supplies come from lands that were managed responsibly, so that they continue to provide roosts for birds, havens for wildlife, improved livelihoods for workers, and carbon storage for the greenhouse gasses that lead to global warming.

At the Rainforest Alliance, we help companies get started on the road to sustainability by finding more sustainable sources of products such as:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Paper
  • Packaging
  • Furniture

Visit our Shop the Frog section to find Rainforest Alliance Certfied™ products near you, or work with us on your supply chain analysis.

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