Instagram Takeover: Christian Ziegler

We invited leading environmental photographers to take over our Instagram for a week. We were honored to have Christian Ziegler, world-renowned photojournalist, tropical ecologist, conservation- and National Geographic photographer, share his stunning photos and amazing adventures on our account.

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Photo by @christianziegler posting for #RainforestAlliance: From today on (Monday, June 22), I will be taking over this IG account to cheer on the work of the #RainforestAlliance, a wonderful NGO working to support land use shift as well as consumer behavior to promote sustainable practices and a long term protection of biodiversity and human wellbeing. Everybody’s choices are relevant and we all can make a difference by choosing shade grown organic coffee and enjoying sustainable tourism rather then products adding to global deforestation. Please keep this in mind, pay attention to the Rainforest Alliance certification, and enjoy some of my favorite places and species, which I will be sharing over the next week. #FollowTheFrog and #IGtakeover

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Photo by @christianziegler posting for #RainforestAlliance: The Rwenzori Mountains, also referred to as the ‘mountains of the moon’, a small but very high (5109meters/ 16761feet) mountain range between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, are home to many endemic species, both plants and animals and a high biodiversity in general because of the dense packing of different vegetation types. It is a very challenging, yet very rewarding loop hike of several days, that leads through 5 different vegetation zones, including the giant heather zone with 15 meter/ 45 feet heather trees, that can be seen here in the foreground. Diversity hot spots like the Ruwenzori are important to pay special attention to in conservation effort. #FollowTheFrog and #IGtakeover.

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Photo by @christianziegler posting for #RainforestAlliance: Mangroves, like these in #BocasdelToro in #Panama, are very important coastal habitats in tropical regions all around the world: not only do they contribute hugely to coastal protection – their bendy trunks and branches absorb much of the ocean’s energy during storms or even tsunamis – they also form the nursing habitat for many reef and commercially important fish species. Nevertheless, mangroves appear to be one of the fastest disappearing tropical ecosystem, often making way to coastal development for tourism and shrimp farming. You can make a difference with your consumption behavior. #conservation. #FollowTheFrog and #IGtakeover.

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As forests disappear, countless species are threatened with extinction.