#Together4Forests: Ask the European Commission to Protect our Future

Right now, we have an unmissable opportunity to push European leaders to take legal action against global forest destruction—but we need YOUR help!

Forests are a mighty force for planetary health. They provide us with air, water, food, shelter, medicine, as well as essential carbon storage—making them a powerful ally in the fight against climate change.

Yet global deforestation rates are accelerating. The main culprit? Intensive agriculture.

Without realizing it, people all over the world are buying everyday products with ingredients sourced directly from deforested areas and other ravaged natural habitats, including important tropical grasslands.

The European Union—the second biggest consumer market in the world—still allows products linked to deforestation and ecosystem destruction on the EU Market.

But a game-changing new EU law is now within our grasp. The European Commission is asking for your opinion on this law through a public consultation open to all EU citizens.

This is YOUR opportunity to make a difference. Please tell the EU to break the link between deforestation and the food we eat by 2021.

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What's the problem?

We are losing the Earth’s most critical habitats at an alarming rate. In the last decade, the Amazon Rainforest alone has lost more than 8.4 million football fields worth of tree cover. And the equivalent of a further 10 million football fields has been lost in the neighboring Cerrado—the most biodiverse savannah in the world.

The biggest driver of this biodiversity loss is destructive agriculture for livestock and everyday commodities such as soy, palm oil, cocoa, and more.

Who is responsible?

The sad truth is that we are all responsible—and most of us have no idea that we are unwittingly contributing to this problem. Since the EU does not take legislative action to ensure that European consumption does not contribute to the destruction of nature, products linked to deforestation can easily be found on our supermarket shelves.

The EU is a top importer of both palm oil—found in many processed foods and cosmetics—and soy, which is fed to animals raised for our local meat and dairy products. The EU also imports many other commodities that drive deforestation, such as beef from the Amazon, as well as coffee and cocoa.

What's the solution?

We don’t want to ban these products outright, but we do want to make sure they are produced more sustainably. Consumers deserve to know that their everyday food choices are not destroying the planet.

The EU can and must play a leading role in staving off a global climate collapse by taking decision action to protect the world's forests and other essential ecosystems.

A strong EU law that ensures European consumption does not contribute to deforestation and ecosystem degradation is currently being discussed by the European Commission in Brussels. This law would have a massive positive impact for both people and the planet.

Change is within our reach.

Fill in your details in the form above and click ACT NOW!

Burning Peruvian forest - photo by Mohsin Kazmi

Forests are falling at an alarming rate.

Each minute, 85 acres are destroyed.