Chain of Custody Certification for Agricultural Products

Rainforest Alliance auditing and certification services are managed and implemented within its RA-Cert business unit. All related personnel responsible for audit design, evaluation, and certification/verification decisions are under the purview of the RA-Cert unit. For our full policy on independence in certification click here. RA-Cert as a distinct business unit is one of several authorized certifiers conducting audits against the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standards. Please refer to the SAS - Get Certified if you would like a complete list of certifiers including approved countries.

As a company committed to sourcing from certified sources, you want confidence in the claim you make about your product. That’s why Chain of Custody (CoC) is an essential component of any sustainability certification system. CoC is the process of tracking a product from a certified farm through the various stages of trading, manufacturing and warehousing to assure the end consumer that the claim being made on the product accurately reflects the certified content or sourcing of that product. This protects the credibility of the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal, which marks the product as one that has been responsibly produced.

The Rainforest Alliance has developed an innovative CoC system that establishes risk as the fundamental criterion for the type and frequency of audits for companies sourcing from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. RA-Cert offers CoC auditing and certification services across the globe.

To determine your Chain of Custody requirements, complete the Chain of Custody Risk Assessment questionnaire.

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RA-Cert sustainable agriculture certification costs

The following cost information provided is for RA-Cert. For other Certification Body information please visit Get Certified.

  • Audit Fees
  • Audit fees include honoraria to the auditors and other technical experts or translators that participate in the audit.
  • Associated travel expenses include cost of ground and air transportation, food and lodging for the audit team during the audit days covered.
  • Audit duration and audit team shall be determined per audit basis, based on the scope of the certification, relative to the product(s), production area, total area, geographic location and number of farms and facilities (such as processing units) included in the scope.
  • Audit fee discounts are possible where the audited organization is able to provide lodging, food, air or land travel for the audit team, or other applicable travel expenses.
Certification decision
  • Fees include review of the audit report, conducted by approved reviewers, independent from the audit process.
Certificate administration and engagement management
  • Administrative fees are covered for audit planning, certification management, database management and certificate issuance. Other services of access to the Rainforest Alliance Marketplace, use of seal, and customer service are also included.
  • Honoraria for administrative staff and office costs and utilities are also covered.

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