Standards for Sustainable Agriculture

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Rainforest Alliance Certified farms have met rigorous social and environmental standards set by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN). For complete information about the standards, please visit the SAN website.

The SAN, the oldest and largest coalition of NGOs striving to improve commodity production in the tropics, develops criteria for responsible farm management. The standards developed by the SAN Secretariat comply with the Code of Good Practice for Setting Social and Environmental Standards of the International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labeling (ISEAL) Alliance. The ISEAL Alliance is an association of leading voluntary international standard-setting and conformity assessment organizations that focus on social and environmental issues. ISEAL Alliance members collaborate to build international recognition and legitimacy for their programs. This collaboration represents a significant global movement to promote the interests of workers, communities and the environment in world trade.

Through the collaboration of ISEAL members, certification processes are continually improved. For Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, the accredited certification bodies verify that farms comply with SAN standards. Other inspection bodies, typically local NGOs, are authorized by these certification bodies to provide audit services for farmers and agricultural companies in their respective countries. Inspection bodies also offer their knowledge and experience to help continually refine and develop Sustainable Agriculture standards.

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