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Our Global Impact: Forestry

Forests provide much of what is essential for life on Earth: oxygen, clean water, shelter, fuel and food, as well as plants with medicinal value. They are also our best defense against climate change. We work with everyone from large corporations to forest-based communities to protect these vital ecosystems.

Explore our work in forestry in the map below, and click on the dots for detailed information.


of forestland under sustainable management, certified by the Rainforest Alliance


trained in forest-friendly management methods


earned by indigenous and forest communities through our sustainable forest enterprise initiatives in Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras

We still have ground to cover before our world is truly sustainable. With your help, we can do it.

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Great apes in the lowlands of Gabon are critically endangered due to habitat destruction. For gorillas, chimpanzees and other threatened primates, responsible forestry can mean the difference between life and death. One recent study found "healthy populations" of critically endangered gorillas and chimpanzees in sustainably managed forests in the Congo Basin.

The forestlands under Rougier Gabon's stewardship are managed in order to maintain their core habitat characteristics, and it's rewarding to know that these majestic apes can find refuge there.

—Jamal Kazi, Rainforest Alliance forestry auditor

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