Measuring Our Impact: Projects

In an ongoing effort to quantify and qualify the positive impacts of our work, the Rainforest Alliance is involved in a number of projects across many regions and sectors. They include...


Project Description Location Status
Rainforest Alliance Global Indicators We are analyzing data on aspects of environmental, social & economic performance from agriculture, forestry & tourism operations working with the Rainforest Alliance. Global In Progress


Project Description Location Status
Costs & Benefits of Sustainable Banana Certification for Two Small Farms in Latin America We are conducting a formal analysis of the costs & benefits of banana certification on two farms. Guatemala & Costa Rica In Progress
Economic Study of Rainforest Alliance Certified™ & Non-Certified Coffee Farms Using a cost-benefit analysis, CENICAFE is comparing the socioeconomic conditions on Rainforest Alliance Certified and non-certified coffee farms.* Colombia Complete
Shade Coffee Landscapes in Colombia CENICAFE is analyzing forest cover, shade coffee & connectivity. Colombia Complete
Shade Coffee Landscapes in El Salvador CENICAFE is analyzing forest cover, shade coffee & connectivity. El Salvador In Progress
Soil Biodiversity on Rainforest Alliance Certified & Non-Certified Coffee Farms Study aims to compare the soil arthropod diversity & physio-chemical properties of soil on Rainforest Alliance Certified and non-certified coffee farms.* Colombia Complete
Use of Shaded Coffee Farms as Habitat & Dispersion Corridors for Night Monkeys Project uses radio collars to study movements of night monkeys in forest patches near coffee farms.* Colombia Complete
Water Quality on Rainforest Alliance Certified & Non-Certified Coffee Farms We are comparing water quality on Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee farms with water quality on non-certified coffee farms using visual & physical-chemical analyses.* Colombia Complete

*Study carried out by the Colombia National Center for Coffee Research (CENICAFE)


Project Description Location Status
Are There Economic Benefits from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification? An Analysis of Pennsylvania State Timber Sales Using a statistical model, we determined that prices paid to FSC-certified Pennsylvania State Forests by FSC-certified buyers are higher than those paid by non-certified buyers. United States


Biodiversity, Deforestation & Degradation Study This is a baseline research effort to study the impact of a USAID/National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) project. Mexico Planning Stages
Deforestation & Wildfires in Maya Biosphere Reserve (MBR) We analyzed satellite imagery & determined that FSC-certified areas of Guatemala's MBR experienced fewer wildfires & less deforestation than other areas of the MBR. Guatemala Complete
Impacts of FSC Certification in Canadian Boreal Forests: Exploring Partnerships Between Certified Forest Companies & Aboriginal Communities We are conducting case studies of three companies in Canada's boreal forests & determining how FSC certification has affected their relationships with aboriginal communities. Canada Complete
Jaguars & FSC Certification in the Maya Biosphere Reserve (MBR) We are examining the positive impact of FSC certification on jaguar populations in the MBR. Guatemala In Progress


Project Description Location Status
Impacts of Sustainable Tourism Best Management Practices in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica We analyzed the environmental, social and economic performance of five hotels before & after the implementation of "best management practices," finding strong improvement in all hotels. Costa Rica


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