Why Promote Sustainability?

Consumer awareness of the Rainforest Alliance and demand for environmentally and socially responsible goods is at an all-time high. As a business working with the Rainforest Alliance, you have the opportunity to promote your commitment to sustainability by using and promoting our trustmarks. See these examples of how other companies have leveraged our green frog seal and the following research, which may help shape your marketing strategy.

The New Normal: Sustainability Sells

  • 71 percent of US consumers consider the environment when they shop, up from 66 percent in 2008. Additionally, nearly half (45 percent) of consumers actively seek out environmental information about the products they buy. (Source: Cone Communications Green Gap Trend Tracker 2013)
  • 87 percent of global consumers are “very likely” to consider a company’s social and environmental commitment before deciding what to buy and where to shop. (Source: Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study 2013)
  • Given similar price and quality, 91 percent of global consumers are “very” or “somewhat likely” to switch brands to one that is associated with a good cause. (Source: Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study 2013)
  • 92 percent of global consumers would buy a product with social and/or environmental benefit if given the opportunity, and 67 percent have actually done so within the previous 12 months. (Source: Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study 2013)
  • 90 percent of global consumers want companies to go beyond the minimum standards required by law to operate responsibly and address social and environmental issues. (Source: Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study 2013)
  • 53 percent of global consumers say they “often” or “always” look for trustmarks, while an additional 32 percent “sometimes” do. (Source: Trusting Trustmarks Survey, BBMG/The Collective 2013)
  • 72 percent of global consumers would recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that does not, a 39 percent increase since 2008. (Source: Goodpurpose, 2012)
  • 43 percent of global travelers say they would book environmentally sustainable holidays if they were more readily available. (Source: TUI Travel PLC’s Sustainability Survey 2012)

Consumer Awareness of the Rainforest Alliance

  • In the United States, 47.6 percent of those surveyed recognize the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ green frog seal, 33.5 percent understand what the certification means and 25.2 percent indicated they are more likely to buy a product that carries the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal. (Source: Natural Marketing Institute, 2014 U.S. Consumer Perspectives and Trends in Sustainability®)
  • In Canada, 35 percent of coffee drinkers recognize the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal. (Source: Coffee Association of Canada, Canadian Coffee Drinking Study 2013)
  • In 2013, 39 percent of consumers in Germany recognized the Rainforest Alliance Certified green frog seal. (Source: TNS Emnid)

** Unless otherwise noted, research was conducted by businesses working with the Rainforest Alliance.

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