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In January 2018, the Rainforest Alliance merged with UTZ, a global program and label for sustainable farming. Our head offices are in Amsterdam and New York, with regional offices around the world.


United States

233 Broadway, 28th Floor
New York, NY 10279 USA
Phone: +1 (212) 677-1900
Fax: +1 (212) 677-2187

The Netherlands

De Ruyterkade 6
1013 AA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 530 8000
Fax: +31 20 530 8099

Regional Offices

Please use the map below to obtain contact information for our individual offices throughout the world.

If you have a specific question, try searching our frequently asked questions.

Rainforest Alliance Certification Program Inquiries

Please visit the Rainforest Alliance Business website for a list of contacts.

UTZ Certification Program Inquiries

Please visit the UTZ website for a list of contacts.

Journalist & Press Inquiries

Sr. Manager Global Media
Donita Dooley
+1 (212) 677-1900

United States and Canada
Brittany Wienke
+1 (646) 452-1939

Sascha Tischer

Chieko Ichikura

Latin America
Milagro Espinoza
(506) 8595-7325

Marcus Schaefer

Donor, Funder & Member Inquiries



Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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