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Fifth Grade Curriculum: El Salvador

Every year thousands of migratory birds make the long journey from North American forests, parks and backyards to the warm rainforests of Central and South America. Many of these birds will land in trees that shade coffee farms in Central America. Fifth- and sixth-graders will learn about the important work that SalvaNatura, the Rainforest Alliance's partner group in El Salvador, is carrying out to protect coffee forests and El Imposible, the first national park of El Salvador.


Lesson 1 - Biodiversity

Key Concept: The more diverse an ecosystem is, the more interdependence of species exists within that system. The complex relationships among diverse species are difficult to identify. As species disappear or become extinct we begin to see the vital links that exist among species. Essential levels of biodiversity vary among biomes and bioregions.

Essential Question: Could an ocelot live where you live?

Lesson 2 - Birds and Coffee

Key Concept: In a global economy, where products from one country or bioregion are used in another bioregion, resource use and changes in the landscape impact the lives of species that depend on several bioregions for survival.

Essential Question: How are migratory birds affected by coffee production in El Salvador?

Lesson 3 - Deforestation

Key Concept: One element of a complex ecosystem may provide essential components to the survival of many species of plants and animals.

Essential Question: How can the clearing of trees destroy a community?

Lesson 4 - Community Action

Key Concept: Decisions about how one uses the resources within a particular bioregion must consider the biodiversity and complexity of the ecosystem.

Essential Question: How can communities make decisions that benefit both their families and the animals that live within them?

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Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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