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Taking Renewable Energy to Kenya’s Tea Landscapes

What’s at Stake

Kenya is facing a deforestation crisis, as well as a public health hazard, caused by the widespread use of firewood and charcoal as fuel for cooking and heat. Firewood is also widely used in the production of Kenya’s biggest export, tea.

Kenyan tea farmer holding bio briquettes.

Kenyan tea farmer holding bio briquettes.

Why Tea Landscapes?

Kenya is the world’s third-largest tea producer and exporter, with more than 3 million people depending on the crop for their livelihoods. Like most rural households in Kenya, those in tea landscapes rely on charcoal and firewood to heat their homes and cook. Tea factories also use vast quantities of firewood for processing (withering and drying).

Renewable energy project area in Kenya - Map
Renewable Fuel Project Area in Kenya - Map

Where We Work

The Rainforest Alliance works in rural Kenya to reduce the environmental impact of tea production and support the well-being of tea farmers and their communities.

What We’re Doing

What We’re Doing

The Rainforest Alliance is catalyzing a renewable energy transformation in Kenyan tea-producing regions where we work. Our aim is to stop deforestation, create sustainable, long-term employment for energy entrepreneurs, and improve health outcomes in tea farming communities.

The renewable energy project is designed to help 50,000 families save money, cut carbon emissions, and create healthier homes—while preventing the loss of 80,000 trees.

Everyday Climate Heroes Our Impact

Our Impact

This exciting initiative to promote renewable energy in Kenya’s tea landscapes will reduce deforestation, improve livelihood opportunities, reduce carbon emissions, and create healthier homes for 50,000 tea families by the middle of 2021.

Biofuel briquettes

“The briquettes are cheap, economical, and they don’t create smoke, which is very damaging to our health.”

Purity W’Njema

Purity W’Njema says biomass briquettes save her time and energy

Renewable Energy Storefront

The IKEA Foundation supports this Rainforest Alliance initiative.