2001-2003 Kleinhans Fellow: Catarina Illsley Granich

Development of a Management Plan for the Production of Mezcal from Maguey Papalotl (Agave cupreata) in Peasant Communities of the Montaña de Guerrero, Mexico

Project Summary

The project seeks to draw guidelines for sustainable management of a non-timber forest product of great importance for poor farmers that inhabit Mexican tropical dry forests: Agave for mezcal production. Specifically, work will be carried out with Agave cupreata in the central mountain region of the State of Guerrero, one of the poorest regions in México.

Project Objectives

  • To carry out a basic ecological study on natural Agave cupreata populations.
  • To carry out research on use, management and transformation of maguey (wild agave) in communities of the central mountain region of Guerrero, Mexico.
  • To establish experimental plantations for firewood production for supplying mezcal ovens.
  • To design a sustainable management plan for wild species of maguey.
Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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