Printing Instructions for Climate Action Signs

Show your support for climate action by downloading and printing one of our climate action cartoons and posters.

  1. Choose your sign! From the climate action signs page, click the thumbnail to go to its download page.
  2. Click the pink “Download PDF” button to save the file.
  3. To print your sign at home or work, open the PDF, choose “Poster” in the print options, and make sure the scale is set to 100%. It will print on multiple pages to tile together. Trim the white borders off and tape the pages together.
  4. To have your sign printed professionally, bring the file to a FedEx Office, Staples, or other local print shop, and have it printed on poster paper at full size.
  5. Give your sign a sturdy backing. Use tape, glue, or spray-mount to attach the printed sign to a sheet of foamboard or cardboard (bonus points for reusing materials—large shipping boxes are a great source for sturdy cardboard).
  6. How about a handle? Tape a cardboard tube to the back to make it easier to carry your sign.
  7. Take your sign (and your voice) to the streets!

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