Rainforest Alliance UK Key Staff

Learn more about the professional backgrounds of some members of the UK Team.

Victoria Cordi, Senior Manager, Corporate and Foundation Relations

Victoria Cordi

Victoria Cordi oversees a global corporate and foundation portfolio. Her work is focused on the cultivation and development of strong and productive relationships with institutional and corporate philanthropy partners, to advance common conservation and sustainable livelihoods goals. Cordi has worked in biodiversity conservation for more than fourteen years with significant experience in corporate and foundation fundraising as well as program management and strategic development. She started her career in the field, working on sea turtle conservation projects in Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay, and Nicaragua, where she saw firsthand the impacts climate change, deforestation, and habitat degradation can have on ecosystems and the people who are dependent on them. After completing her MA in Conservation Biology as a Fulbright student at Columbia University, she spent five years working as a senior program officer at the Wildlife Conservation Society. In this role, Cordi had significant fundraising responsibilities—most notably working with corporation and foundations, but also with bilateral and multilateral agencies—for a portfolio of projects and programs in nearly twenty countries around the world.  She also acted as interim manager of the WCS Nicaragua Program for a year, overseeing project implementation and managing local staff. A native of Argentina, Victoria has lived in nine countries and is fluent in Spanish and English.

Edward Millard, Africa and South Asia Director, Livelihoods and Landscapes

Edward Millard

Edward Millard oversees activities that deliver responsible environmental stewardship and social practices, based on the credible multi-stakeholder standards promoted by the Rainforest Alliance. He leads a team providing training and technical assistance to companies, government extension agents, local institutions, and farmers. He also identifies and develops external relationship opportunities with donors, companies, and other key stakeholders to further the Rainforest Alliance’s vision of sustainable land management and secure livelihoods in high-biodiversity countries.

Millard was a business development manager for Oxfam Fair Trade for 14 years and Conservation International for 11 years. In both roles, he spent extensive amounts of time in Africa, Asia, and Latin America supporting small-scale producers in the forest product, craft, agricultural, and tourism sectors to improve their competitiveness and open new markets. At the Rainforest Alliance, he works with colleagues on plans for international companies to develop their sustainable sourcing strategies. He is a graduate in business administration. He has published three books and several articles on small-scale business development. He is based in our London office.

Martin Noponen, Climate Director, Landscapes & Livelihoods

Martin Noponen

Martin Noponen is a director for the Landscapes and Livelihoods programme at the Rainforest Alliance and is responsible for providing direct technical support and coordination on climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies and activities across multiple Rainforest Alliance projects and programmes. He leads the development of climate-smart and adaptation initiatives that help farmers and communities enhance their resilience and has extensive experience in designing, managing, and evaluating community-based forest carbon projects, for the benefit of climate change adaptation and mitigation, conservation, and livelihood provision. Noponen holds a PhD in Forestry from the University of Bangor in Wales and CATIE in Costa Rica, which focused on the carbon and economic performance of coffee agroforestry systems in Costa Rica and Nicaragua; an MSc in Forest Protection and Conservation from Imperial College London; and a BA in Development Studies and Music from the School of Oriental and African Studies. He is a keen furniture maker and enjoys managing his own woodland in his spare time.


Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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