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A Carbon-Neutral City in Guatemala

The Flores Huella Cero initiative (Flores Zero Footprint), led by the municipality of Flores in the Petén region of Guatemala, is systematically reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), mainly produced by the destruction of forests. The project is creating a way to measure—and thereby take actions to reduce—the town’s contribution to climate change. Flores aims to become a carbon-neutral municipality by 2020.

The three-year project will be realized in two phases: the first will focus on reducing GHGs in public services like waste management and public spaces (by, for example, installing LED lighting), as well as in major private services like transport and tourism. Once this phase is complete, actions such as the sustainable management of forests, good livestock farming practices, and reforestation of degraded areas will be implemented.

This project has support from the USAID/Climate, Nature and Communities Program in Guatemala (CNCG), led by the Rainforest Alliance and the USAID/Low Emissions Development Project.

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